Mapping the Ulster Plantation is explored

Map 17th Century depicting counties of Ireland.
Map 17th Century depicting counties of Ireland.

The O’Neill Country Historical Society’s first talk of the year will be given by local man Roddy Hegarty.

The presentation will explore the early 17th-century map collection in CÓFLA and place in context the importance of mapping for the areas of Ulster that had been declared forfeit to the English Crown after 1607.

It will draw on early attempts to map these territories in the lead up to the most significant mapping project of the pre-plantation enterprise.

The talk will take place in the Benburb Priory Library, Dungannon at 8pm on Tuesday, February 12.

Roddy Hegarty is the Director of the Cardinal Tomás Ó Fiaich Memorial Library and Archive.

He is a board member of the Northern Ireland Museums Council and the former Development Officer of the Federation for Ulster Local Studies.

He has worked within the field of local and family history for more than twenty-five years, teaching classes in every county in Ulster and contributing to seminars and conferences in Ireland, Scotland and Estonia.

Everyone will be made very welcome.