Mary Lou McDonald to address Sinn Fein event in Galbally

Mary Lou McDonald
Mary Lou McDonald

Mary Lou McDonald, TD will be the key speaker at a Sinn Féin leadership tour meeting in Galbally Community Centre this Thursday evening, 29th October at 7.30pm.

The Dublin based TD has been to the fore in challenging the Taoiseach and the government’s policy of economic austerity in the south. As a prominent TD, Mary Lou has been recognised as a potential next leader of Sinn Féin, she will be accompanied by various local Sinn Féin representatives from all levels of government.”

Speaking ahead of the East Tyrone meeting Ms McDonald said, “The current round of leadership meetings and engagements is not just for party members but it an opportunity for the wider public to come along and find out what is happening in the current political developments, north and south.”

“This is your chance to engage the Sinn Féin leadership on national issues and local issues. Sinn Fein are the only political party to carry out these types of public engagement meetings to give local people their say in how we can bring about the changes that are needed at all levels of government.”

“I am delighted that local party activists, councillors, MLA’s, MPs and Ministers will be there on Thursday evening to share in the discussion and debate and to answer some of the questions being posed. That’s what Sinn Fein provide – an opportunity to ask the questions, to get the answers and to hear a wide range of views and opinions. That’s what important to people.”

Mary Lou McDonald concluded, “Sinn Fein have been to the fore in challenging austerity and the failed analysis of the current economic policies of Dublin and London. We oppose austerity. We oppose the Tory cuts that are going to cause hardship for those on Tax Credits and we oppose the Tory ideology of making the poorest pay for the mistakes of the rich and the bankers and the millionaires gambling with our future.”