McCaughey family from Cappagh denied material on SAS shootings

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The family of Cappagh man Martin McCaughey shot dead by the SAS was denied access to inquest information that one of the soldiers also opened fire in another four killings, a court heard.

Details emerged as an appeal against a failed legal bid to have the inquest verdicts quashed was put on hold.

McCaughey died along with Dessie Grew when an SAS unit opened fire at farm buildings near Loughgall, Co Armagh in October 1990.

Although both men were armed, neither fired any shots, provoking claims that soldiers could have arrested them. But in May 2012, an inquest jury held the soldiers had used reasonable force.

Lawyers for McCaughey’s sister, Sally Gribben, are continuing to challenge the ruling. They claim the inquest did not comply with Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights, with two grounds advanced:

The failure to disclose to next-of-kin the SAS unit members’ roles in other lethal force incidents, and the consequent inability to deploy that information at the inquest. The failure to secure the re-attendance of Soldier A to answer questions about suspected links to another fatal shooting.