Mechanic’s epic charity mission

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A Dungannon man has just completed an epic charity mission to a rural African hospital 8,000 miles away.

Philip Bartley, Assistant Workshop Supervisor at Dennison Commercials, Dungannon, travelled to Chitokoloki, Zambia, along with friend, Steven Wallace in order to volunteer their mechanical expertise to Chitokoloki Mission Station.

The mission relies heavily on two large lorries to bring in essential medical supplies and goods, and transport them to the surrounding area.

Philip and Steven spent their days fitting the parts supplied to the lorries and also carrying out general service and repair work. Their work was essential to ensure the trucks are in good working condition, vital for the important work that the trucks will be carrying out. Without this, the hospital would not have the necessary equipment and stock as a lot of the supplies cannot be got locally or else are very expensive.

A spokesperson for the firm said: “Philip and Steven went above their call of duty and also worked on the seven diesel generators on the mission sites, as well as carrying out odd jobs within the hospital itself such as fixing theatre beds.

“Their mechanical knowledge was also invaluable for their help in repairing jeeps, tractors and ox carts; all modes of transports used by those at the mission for travel and transporting supplies.

“We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Philip on such a worthwhile journey. We are proud of everything he accomplished in Zambia and are honoured to have Philip as part of the Dennisons team.”

Chitokoloki Mission Station occupies approximately one square kilometre and is situated 43 kilometres from the nearest settlement which is called Zambezi, the district government headquarters.