Meeting in Dungannon to discuss major gas pipeline

Gas pipeline
Gas pipeline

The energy firms planning to bring gas to the west of Northern Ireland in a major £250m infrastructure project, are seeking public opinion on where to put the pipelines.

Mutual Energy and SGN’s project will see towns like Dungannon, Cookstown, Coalisland, Magherafelt, Omagh, Portadown and Enniskillen finally connected to the natural gas network, bringing much needed energy competition.

Stormont will also be putting £32m of public money into the project. Paddy Larkin, Mutual Energy chief, said: “A major and very important consideration in any strategic infrastructure project of this nature is stakeholder and community consultation.”

As well as informing communities about the project, it is hoped the first consultation phase will help those involved to obtain community views, gather information relevant to pipeline route selection and assess potential environmental impacts.

A second consultation phase will take place in spring 2016 when the pipeline route has been further developed.

A public meeting on the project was held in Clogher Valley Community Centreon Friday past and another public meeting will be held in ; Ranfurly House Dungannon on Oct 16 .

Further information will also be displayed in council offices in the area from Tuesday, September 29.