Michaella McCollum faces serving Peruvian sentence alone

Michaella McCollum.
Michaella McCollum.

Convicted Dungannon drug smuggler Michaella McCollum faces spending the next six years alone in a Peruvian prison.

It has emerged that the parents of fellow inmate Melissa Reid from Lenzie near Glasgow have applied for her to serve the rest of her sentence in the UK.

If the two women are separated, it will have a devastating impact upon the Dungannon woman who faces being moved from the relatively comfortable Virgen de Fatima jail to a larger prison.

The pair were sentenced to six years and eight months last year for attempting to smuggling £1.5m of cocaine.

Melissa Reid’s parents have apparently paid a £3,500 fine, which means their daughter is eligible to apply for a prisoner transfer.

The pair claimed they were forced at gunpoint to carry the cocaine after gangsters kidnapped them while they were holidaying in Ibiza. They were arrested in August at Lima’s Jorge Chávez International Airport.