Mid Ulster Council to debate Brexit impact at monthly meeting

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Mid Ulster Council is to be asked to “discuss in detail” the impact Brexit will have on businesses and ratepayers at its meeting on Thursday night.

Sinn Fein Cllr Ronan McGinley has tabled a motion on the issue.

As the party leader on the council, McGinley said he had brought the motion forward after “the overwhelming majority of citizens in the north voted to remain in the EU”.

In a statement, Cllr McGinley continued: ““Right across the six counties, the majority of people voted to remain within Europe. It is clear from speaking to local people that there is concern across Mid Ulster within our business community, the voluntary and community sector, the private sector and within agriculture.

“People are worried about the impact it will have on our economy, and are angry about being dragged out of Europe against the will of the majority. It is imperative that the council discuss this in detail to assess what impact it will have on our area, and to advocate the view of the majority”.

Commenting on what Cllr McGinley believed the outcome of the meeting would be, he said: “The decision of our citizens needs to be respected. We have a responsibility to advocate on behalf of the people of Mid Ulster. We need to challenge those who can make a difference, and we need to highlight the fact that the people of Mid Ulster spoke, as did the majority of people who live in the North, and they should not be ignored.”