Mindless vandals steal River Blackwater life saving equipment

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Vandals have been stealing and destroying crucial life saving equipment at the River Blackwater and Moy area, and putting people’s lives at risk.

A total of three life rings have been removed from their fixtures on the banks of the river close to Argory House during the mindless acts of vandalism.

Sinn Fein Councillor Dominic Molloy has expressed his concern about the incident, saying that lives were being put at risk by the actions of mindless vandals.

He urged the vandals to desist, as it was a matter of life and death along the popular waterway.

“Given the volume of people that use this part of the river - walkers, runners, children, fishing etc as well as those in the river doing watersports such as canoeing and boating I find it hard to believe that some people think it’s acceptable to steal or vandalise these life saving devices and secondly that they have not been replaced yet”, he said.

“I appeal to anyone who may think of taking one of the rings or simply throwing them away to think again - someone’s death could be prevented if a buoyancy ring is available, they are as vital as something like a defibrillator.”

Members of the public are advised to contact the police if they witness anyone stealing or damaging the life rings. If there is an incident at the river, or if somebody falls in, the public should ring 999 as normal.