Minister invited to witness Dungannon traffic snarl-up

The new look Market Square in Dungannon.INTT0415-351
The new look Market Square in Dungannon.INTT0415-351

Dungannon Council will issue an invitation to Roads Minister Danny Kennedy to witness the traffic snarl up in the town square.

At Monday’s monthly meeting of Dungannon Council, councillors complained strongly about the ongoing traffic and pedestrian problems in the Market Square following the Public Realm Scheme revamp. 
“We have a world-class site at Castle Hill which is being affected by the town centre traffic flow”, said Sinn Fein representative Deirdre Varsani.

Calling on the authorities to listen to local concerns, she added: “We need to get the Roads Service on board to improve the traffic flow. The people of Dungannon know better than the people who don’t live here.”

Mayor Roger Burton admitted there were still genuine problems with the traffic light system. 
“It is right and proper that the minister should see what we have to deal with.”