MOD apologise for Loughall killings

The Loughall ambush
The Loughall ambush

A Caledon family have welcomed the long awaited apology from the Ministry of Defence which clarifies that two of the men killed during the Loughall shootings in 1987 were wholly innocent.

Anthony Hughes and his brother Oliver were returning from a job in Portadown when they were caught up in the SAS ambush of an IRA unit as it approached the village’s RUC station with a bomb in a hijacked digger.

Without warning the SAS soldiers shot the two brothers with such force and intensity that left Anthony dead and his brother Oliver seriously injured.

For 27 years Mr Hughes’ widow and children have sought to have the MOD apologise for the shooting and also for the innuendo that the two brothers were in some way to blame for the events that led to their shooting.

Over the years the family have had to constantly restate that the two men were innocent.

They were deeply upset when in 2012 the SAS portrayed the brothers as victims of their own fate and justified their actions that night by turning the blame on the brothers for having ‘been in the wrong place at the wrong time’.

It took a further twenty months to have the statement rectified.

The family now welcome the latest statement that proves without a shadow of a doubt that the two brothers were innocent of any wrongdoing that night.

For the family’s reaction and more comments read next week’s Tyrone Times.