Moneymore is becoming Mid Ulster’s new traffic bottleneck

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Moneymore is rapidly turning into the next bottleneck in Mid Ulster with lengthy tailbacks most mornings and afternoons.

Like Castledawson before it got a bypass road, it is experiencing traffic delays resulting in disruption and inconvenience for villagers.

And the official opening of the Magherafelt bypass just two weeks ago appears to have escalated the problem.

It’s come as no surprise to Ulster Unionist MLA Sandra Overend, who has her constituency office at High Street in the village.

“Before the opening of the Magherafelt bypass, many constituents predicted that the next bottleneck for traffic in Mid Ulster would be Moneymore, and I have to say that their forecast was correct,” she said.

“Without doubt the bypass for Magherafelt has been a major success, particularly in improving travel times, however, with traffic now moving much freer towards Moneymore, the village has become a substantial travel bottleneck.”

She is planning to raise the situation with the Infrastructure Minister Chris Hazzard.

She wants him to seriously consider proposals for a Moneymore bypass as part of a long-term strategic plan

“Notwithstanding the many positives, the new bypass has brought some negatives to the residents and businesses of Moneymore, and the many commuters who have to negotiate their way through the village.

“As my office sits on the sharp bend on High Street, I am all too aware of these traffic pressures, and I have written to the Roads Minister detailing issues around congestion, parking, and the problems HGVs and buses experience getting through the village.

“The sensible solution which would ensure better traffic flow and improve road safety, and that has been proposed for some time now, is for a Moneymore bypass.”

Mrs Overend believes it is critical the area has a credible road network for its economic future, and she wants Mr Hazzard to draft a long-term infrastructure plan.