Moy accountant tops again

MOY Accountant, Caroline Kelly, has topped the ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland) Professional Accounting exams for the second year running.

The trainee Chartered Accountant has been awarded the Ulster Society Diamond Jubilee Prize for being placed first in Ireland in the Professional 3 Chartered Accounting exams. Caroline received her prize at the recent ICAI ceremony held on Tuesday 2nd October in Belfast.

This success follows on from Caroline’s achievement last year when she was awarded the Arthur H. Muir Memorial Prize for coming first in the Professional 2 Chartered Accounting Exams.

Caroline is currently working with KPMG Chartered Accountants in Belfast where she is a member of the Corporate Finance advisory team. Caroline, a Queen's University engineering graduate, made the successful switch from engineering to accountancy two years ago when she undertook employment with KPMG.

Commenting on her exam success and new career path, Caroline said: “I couldn’t believe I got placed in the exams, I’m delighted”. “I made the transition to accountancy two years ago, initially there was a steep learning curve but I think I have adjusted and I really enjoy the challenging and supportive work environment at KPMG”.

Originally from the village of Moy, Co. Tyrone, Caroline is a past pupil of St John’s Primary School, Moy and St Patrick’s Girls’ Academy, Dungannon