Moy branch of Ulster Bank to close by summer

ULSTER Bank customers living in the Moy area will face a longer journey by June of this year, when the local branch closes.

A spokesperson for the bank confirmed the closure date for the Moy sub-office, and said customers would be written to directly in the coming weeks.

According to the spokeswoman, there will be no additional job losses as a result of the announcement.

Refusing to confirm how many staff are currently employed at the Moy sub-office, the Ulster Bank spokeswoman added: “We continue to communicate directly with our staff and their representatives on these matters.”

Ulster Bank revealed last week that 11 branches and sub-offices have been earmarked for closure across Northern Ireland.

Earlier this month it was announced that 20 branches and sub offices would close across both sides of the border in 2013.

The closures are part of the ongoing rationalisation plans announced last January, when staff were told that a total of 950 jobs were set to go, 350 of those in Northern Ireland.

Ulster Bank, the third-largest bank in Ireland, is owned by Royal Bank of Scotland, which is owned by the taxpayer after a bailout.

In the first nine months of 2011 the bank wrote off more than £1bn in bad loans, mainly related to property and has faced criticism for its handling of last year’s month-long IT glitch which prevented clients accessing their accounts, and the subsequent compensation scheme for those affected.