Moy nursing home set to close after consultation

Nursing homes to close
Nursing homes to close

Closure plans have been announced for a local nursing home causing shock for residents, staff and relatives. It is expected that Roxborough House in Moy will be approved for closure after a 12-week consultation exercise over the summer.

There are currently 22 patients in the nursing home, which has provision for 30, after the trust began ceasing permanent admissions to the facility in order to minimise the numbers affected by the closure.

Residents and relatives are believed to be disappointed by the decision, which came after the home earned a reprieve last year.

The Health and Social Care Board announced on Tuesday that the residential home is one of 10 across Northern Ireland that have been identified for closure. Westland House in Cookstown is also on the list.

The board approved proposals to begin a consultation exercise to close over half of the 19 NHS Residential Care Homes in Northern Ireland.

The 12-week consultation period is to take place over the summer after which recommendations will go back to the HSCB and then onto the Health Minister for final approval.

UNISON Regional Organiser, Joe McCusker said: “For those homes that are identified for closure this will cause distress and alarm for residents in those homes knowing that they will be the last residents, while the local communities will be outraged that there will be no NHS residential care provision in their area.”

Mr. McCusker added, “If these proposals get approval from the Health Minister, this means that in major towns and cities across Northern Ireland such as Derry and Ballymena, there will be no NHS residential care provision and no choice for people to avail of statutory residential care.

“UNISON has been at the forefront of the campaign against the closure of NHS Residential Care Homes and we will continue our fight in partnership with local communities, residents and families to keep the homes open.”