MP in warning over Coalisland Easter Rising event ‘Unfinished revolution’

The poster for the Easter Rising event
The poster for the Easter Rising event

UUP MP Tom Elliott has warned that Easter Rising centenary commemorations must not glorify violence, highlighting an event in Coalisland.

The Fermanagh & South Tyrone representative said unionists “do not believe that the 1916 Easter Rising had any justification and certainly any commemoration should be lawful and respectful”.

He continued: “This is however a world away from what appears to be planned for Clonoe and Coalisland this weekend at an event run by an organisation styling itself the ‘National Republican Commemoration Committee.’

“This group has erected many billboards and distributed leaflets talking about ‘UNFINISHED REVOLUTION’ and ‘UNFINISHED BUSINESS’. The precise language from one of the adverts used states that; ‘The Easter Rising of 1916 is an unfinished revolution, armed and otherwise. While we have listened to the opinions of those who state that the time is not right for a continuation of revolution by any and all means, it is our opinion that while the denial of national self-determination and British occupation continue, so too will armed revolution’.”

Mr Elliott added: “This quite clearly goes beyond normal political debate and discourse. This is language which justifies violence as a legitimate political tool and the only people who still believe that are so-called dissidents.

“Their day is done, they are on a road to nowhere and must be rejected and defeated.”