Mullaghmore Road traffic scheme work welcomed

BARRY Monteith, Independent Republican Councillor for Dungannon Town, has welcomed the beginning of traffic calming works on the Mullaghmore Road.

Cllr Monteith said: “Finally work has begun to help make this area safer for motorists and pedestrians alike. The measures include making the Mullaghmore Road a 30mph speed limit out to the town limit, speed cushions on the road and inside some of the housing developments in the area.

“This is the culmination of a five year campaign by the residents of the area and myself. I commend the residents for the hard fought campaign they ran to ensure a safer place to live in.

“They should not have had to do this as traffic calming should have been provided in the area years ago. But we didn’t take no for an answer and these traffic calming measures are the end result.

“I welcome the work in as far as it goes. However other issues on that road remain. The right turn out of the Willows into the town is a very dangerous manoeuvre.

“The hump on the road there makes it very hard to see traffic coming out of the town. There have been a number of accidents and numerous near misses as a result of this.

“The hump in the road needs removed to improve visibility. Although increased footpath provision is to be provided it doesn’t go far enough. There should be footpath all the way out to the town limit on both sides of the road. At present this only exists on one side.

“I will continue to lobby Roads Service on these issues to ensure this area is as safe as possible for the people who live there and those that use the road everyday.”