Needles and drug paraphernalia found in Dungannon public park

Needles which were found by a member of the public in Railway Park Dungannon, close to the bus depot
Needles which were found by a member of the public in Railway Park Dungannon, close to the bus depot

Needles and drug paraphernalia have been found in a public park in Dungannon, prompting calls for local council officials to monitor the area and install lighting to improve safety.

A member of the public contacted the TIMES after they came across the items lying on a pathway in Railway Park.

The discovery was made on a path which leads to the Bus Depot at Beechvalley on Wednesday, according to the walker, who wishes to remain anonymous.

Nearly 18 months ago, the former Dungannon Council revealed that derelict land adjacent to Railway Park was to be used to create a new “urban park” for a part of the town which has been long neglected, according to local independent councillor, Barry Monteith.

The Dungannon representative said he was not aware of the discovery of the needles by a member of the public, but repeated his calls for Mid Ulster District Council to “live up to its commitments on all parks”.

“The Council has made certain commitments about parks, such as having full-time staff there to keep an eye and keep the parks tidy”, Cllr Monteith continued.

“These commitments have not been met and they are still not being met. I have continuously called for the council to do what they said they would do for all parks, to bring them up to the same standards as Dungannon Park.

“There were commitments to install lights at a number of footpaths such as the one between the Quarry Lane and Carland Road and six months after that was built, there are still no lights on it.”

According to Cllr Monteith, certain commitments made by the council - including upgrading existing parks and constructing new walkways - were made following the receipt of European funding.

He said members of the public were keen to know why “some of these parks are not treated in the same way as Dungannon Park?”

Expressing concern at the needle find, the Dungannon Town councillor said it was important for the council to have a “presence” at public parks, as well as appropriate lighting in all areas.

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