New 30mph zones rolled out in Dungannon area in bid to slash accidents

30mph zone
30mph zone

A total of five new speed reduction zones are to be rolled out across some of Dungannon’s most dangerous roads.

As part of the move to slow traffic and improve road safety for school children across the Mid Ulster district, motorists will face penalty points and fines when the 30 mph zones are enforced later this year.

The speed reductions will be imposed at White’s Road, Cabra; Tullyodonnell Road; Rockdale Road; Drumballyhugh Road and Oughterard Road, Rock.

Councillor Sean McGuigan said that local representatives had been campaigning for years to improve safety on school routes. “White’s Road in particular has long been an issue of major concern, with the local primary school, businesses and the several housing estates there clamouring for improvements.

“At prior meetings with the authorities we had been told that nothing would be done unless there was a fatality. Thankfully that has not come to pass. I’m delighted that the council has managed to secure these new speed zones.

“We’ve all lobbied hard over the years for this.”