New bollards causing debate in Coalisland

The new concrete bollards in Coalisland
The new concrete bollards in Coalisland

The installation of concrete bollards along a one-way street in Coalisland has met with criticism from a local trader.

The TIMES reported last week how the new bollards had been erected to tackle problems with vehicles parking on either side of the kerb.

Sinn Fein councillor Joe O’Neill also warned that emergency services had been unable to drive through the street.

One trader, who did not wish to be named, has accused Transport NI of creating a “fiasco” for drivers and other road users in Coalisland.

The businessman said the new structures had resulted in a “bottleneck” in the town.

Meanwhile, the issue has generated debate on the TIMES’ Facebook page, with one user calling for traffic wardens in the town, while another said there was need for traffic improvements in Newmills and Brackaville.