New lights leave Dungannon homes in dark, claims Cllr

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Residential areas in Dungannon have been left without adequate lighting despite a Department of Regional Development scheme to improve the facilities, a local councillor has claimed.

Independent Republican representative for Dungannon Town, Barry Monteith, told the TIMES the work has been ongoing for a number of weeks in the Dunavon area.

Cllr Monteith continued: “However, it is only the last few weeks when the new lights have been switched on that we see how poor the scheme has been. The standard and extent of street lighting in Dunavon is now worse than it was before the scheme.

“DRD claim this is part of its street lighting improvement programme. How can any scheme which leaves areas unlit which were lit previously be called an improvement?”

Cllr Monteith said he and residents have been in contact with the department to express their concerns.

“Whole stretches of footpaths to people’s homes are now without street lighting despite having always been lit previously”, said Cllr Monteith.

“These footpaths were extremely dangerous at night during the recent cold and icy conditions without light. This is not only dangerous but I would question the legality of the removal of lighting to areas previously lit over the last 30 years or so.”