‘Now you can do your dirty laundry in public’

Now you can do your dirty laundry in public
Now you can do your dirty laundry in public

In a shiny new take on the traditional laundrette, a Dungannon firm has had 24-7 washer-driers installed on its fuel station forecourt.

Fitted just last Friday, the three open-air washing machines, can be used day or night - and customers don’t even need washing powder.

Declan Molloy with Molloy Fuels' new outdoor washer-driers

Declan Molloy with Molloy Fuels' new outdoor washer-driers

And already, Declan Molloy - the mastermind behind the washers - said they have been getting quite a few spins.

He said they were barely off the lorry at Molloy Fuels, when a woman whose washing machine had broken down, was asking to use them.

Asked what the thinking behind the washers was, he said: “The thinking behind it was, just because we are a 24-hour site and it ties in with what we do - convenience.

“People can wash and go just the same as the fuel. Pay at the pay station, you don’t have to talk to anybody, just put your clothes in and come back when they’re done.

“It takes between 37 and 47 minutes depending on the cycle and the temperature.”

And he said it can dry your clothes too!

“There’s a drier there as well and it goes up in 15 minute segments.

“It started operating last Friday, and we have had a right few customers.

“I don’t think there’s any launderettes. There would be dry cleaners, but I suppose this would be a different concept with the rental market.

“There are people that don’t really have access to washing machines - that was really the thinking behind it.

“I had seen it operating in a place in Armagh a few years ago and had often thought about it and then we saw a feature in the newspaper and decided to give them a shout.”

On the question of cost, he said: “It was very dear.”

Although Declan wouldn’t say exactly how much the three machines set him back, he did admit it was thousands.

Accepting that it will probably take a while to recoup those costs, he seemed confident as he said a lot of people in the rental market are already customers, and may use the machines when they come in for oil.

Costing from £4 a wash, there is no need for washing powder as it is provided. All customers have to do is add their load, pay at the machines and come back later.

With up to 18kg capacity, they could come in useful for bigger items like duvets, blankets, and pillows.

“Now you can do your dirty laundry in public,” he added.

See Molloy Fuels on Ballygawley Road, Dungannon.