Video: 1D’s Harry Styles singles out Tyrone couple for relationship chat in packed Odyssey

A young couple from Co Tyrone were “shocked” to be singled out by 1D’s Harry Styles in a packed Odyssey, for a chat about their relationship and where they are from.

And even though he had a little trouble with their names at first, Carys Gill said both she and Odhran Donnelly will treasure the memory.

Carys and Odhran before the 1D concert

Carys and Odhran before the 1D concert

“He spotted me and Odhran on the screen for Little Things and then came down and started a conversation with us,” she said.

“I was in such shock... still can’t believe it. Such a good memory to have.”

The interaction was caught on camera by Edendork woman Nicole Devlin, who knew Odhran as she’s from the same area.

Appearing on the big screen, the St Patrick’s College students had to correct Harry a few times as he tried to get their names right, with Carys being mistaken for a Doris and Harris and Harry repeatedly calling Odhran Noel.

The couple on the big screen as they talk to Harry Styles

The couple on the big screen as they talk to Harry Styles

But they got there in the end.

After asking the teenage couple how long they have been together, Harry said: “So you two have been together for two years. Would you say it’s going well?

“I would - two years long,” he said, before adding: “Everybody, Carys and Odhran.”

Then to the delight of the audience, he went on to mimic a Northern Ireland accent, before asking if the pair were from Belfast.

They replied “Tyrone” to huge cheers.

Harry then said: “I think that was the biggest I have ever done. I hope you have a good time tonight, thank you very much for coming.”