Video: Buck rake bottle opening challenge online hit for Ardboe man

An Ardboe man’s novel approach to opening a bottle of Magners has proved an online hit.

Brian O’Hagan from Ardboe managed to flip open the bottle in under 30 seconds using a buck rake attached to a two tonne tractor.

Buck rake bottle opener

Buck rake bottle opener

But the 34-year-old said he can open a tin of beer much quicker and for his next challenge intends to open three cans in under a minute.

The video, which he uploaded to Facebook over the weekend has already had almost 2,000 views and has been shared dozens of times.

“I saw one on Youtube and the boy failed and I thought to myself I can do that,” he told the Mail.

“So I said yesterday evening I can do that there, but I hadn’t got a tin of beer - all I had was the bottle of Magners - so I says ‘look you’re going to have to hold that with the two hands’ but he held it with one hand and his friend videoed it.

“It’s been shared all round the place,” Brian added.

“But I think I could do better - In my next one I’m gonna open three tins of beer in the one minute.”

“In 30 seconds I had that bottle opened, but I can do a tin quicker.”