Omagh man threatened to kill 82-year-old mother hours after getting out of jail


A man allegedly threatened to kill his 82-year-old mother within hours of getting out of jail, the High Court heard today.

John McPhilomey also flouted a non-molestation order by going to her home in Omagh, Co Tyrone following his release, prosecutors claimed.

He had been in prison for an earlier breach of the no-contact order.

Refusing bail to the 57-year-old accused, a judge said he had to protect his elderly mother.

McPhilomey arrived at the pensioner’s Golan Villas home after leaving custody on May 23 to pick up his wallet, keys and other belongings, the court heard.

Prosecuting lawyer Stephanie Boyd said his mother knew he was coming and arranged for a male nurse to be with her.

It was claimed that McPhilomey, of Meelmore Drive, Omagh, left in a taxi paid for by his mother before returning a second time after the carer had gone.

Ms Boyd said the pensioner discovered her son drunk in the kitchen.

According to the prosecution he told his mother: “If you ring the police I will kill you.”

The elderly woman agreed to bring him something to eat if he left and went to a greenhouse, the court was told.

“She was petrified but brought him out the sandwich,” Ms Boyd said.

Police were then called and found him sleep in a shed.

A defence lawyer argued that his client believed the non-molestation order expired once he got out of prison.

“In his instructions to me he completely denies making the threats to kill,” the barrister added.

McPhilomey claims he only returned to the house because some of his belongings were missing.

However, Mr Justice O’Hara ruled it was “impossible” to consider granting bail.

“On the say he is released he goes back and terrorises her (his mother) again,” he said.

“It’s entirely beyond me to grant bail to this man. I have to protect an 82-year-old woman.”