Opinions divided over Moy schools’ proposal

St John's Primary School Moy
St John's Primary School Moy

A ground breaking proposal to create a Shared Education Campus in the Moy appears to have hit a stumbling block with teachers and parents.

The two schools involved in the project, which was one of three approved by the Education Minister last year, are St John’s PS and Moy Regional PS.

Moy Regional Primary School

Moy Regional Primary School

The TIMES understands some members of teaching and other staff have sought trade union representation to air their concerns about a lack of information regarding how the new campus will impact upon them.

A public meeting about the Moy Shared Campus scheme was held at the Ryandale Hotel, with Queen’s University Pro-Vice Chancellor in attendance.

The TIMES spoke to one concerned parent who was at the meeting.

“It was very one-sided”, she said. “We weren’t really allowed to give our opinion if we were against it. I am not denying the fact that both schools need new facilities. The buildings are old and not capable of catering for the very large numbers who attend St John’s in particular.”

However, another woman who was present said that while teachers appeared to be concerned about the plan, most parents seemed to be in favour of what is proposed.

SDLP councillor, Denise Mullen, said she has been inundated with calls from parents with concerns about the proposal.

“What parents are telling me is that there has been no openness and transparency with the way this has been handled”, explained Cllr Mullen.

“Under what is being proposed, children will wear two separate uniforms but will share certain facilities such as computer suites. Rather than creating integration, it appears that what is being planned is actually creating a divided society.”

A spokesperson for the Independent Workers’ Union said they had “serious concerns” about the consultation process.

“We will be making a full statement in due course”, the spokesman added.