‘Outstanding’ educational award for Coalisland Primary School

A LOCAL Primary School has been singled out for the highest praise by a Department of Education inspection report.

Coalisland’s Primate Dixon Primary School, has been recognised as ‘outstanding’ in terms of its standards in literacy and numeracy, its provision for learning, and the quality of its leadership and management after an Education and Training Inspectorate visited the school.

Outstanding’ is the highest level of praise possible among six descriptors which also include ‘very good’, ‘good’, ‘satisfactory’, ‘inadequate’ and ‘unsatisfactory’.

The school, which has 494 pupils, was also recognised for the quality of its ‘outstanding pastoral provision characterised by the caring, family and community ethos based on mutual respect at all levels’.

The report described the pupils writing, reading and numeracy skills as excellent, and praised the school for its links with the community, including local businesses and community organisations.

The report said: “An analysis of the key stage 2 assessment data over the past four years shows a significant and improving trend in English and mathematics.

“The school’s performance in both areas is now in line with the Northern Ireland average and above the average for schools in the same free school meals category.

“The children throughout the school attain excellent standards in talking and listening, reading and in writing.”

The report commended the school’s quality of teaching observed which ranged from satisfactory to outstanding.

“Most was good or better and one-quarter was outstanding. Key strengths of the planning and teaching are the skilful and creative integration of literacy and numeracy across the curriculum, and the meaningful use made of ICT to support

and extend the children’s learning.

School Principal Sean Dillon heralded the report as a great success for the school.

The report highlighted his outstanding leadership’, and the excellent leadership and management skills’ demonstrated by the vice-principals and teachers.

“The Principal, supported well by the Board of Governors and the whole school community, provides excellent strategic direction for the school.

“He has a clear vision for the future development of the school which is understood and shared by all of the staff who work collegially to ensure that the provision is accessible to all of the children regardless of their identity and background.”