Parent backlash over offensive Killyman musical show

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An entertainment show organised by a local GAA football club and aimed at families has left parents shocked and angry over an expletive-laden act.

Parents have complained about one particular scene in Killyman St Mary’s Musical Madness show, which was based on an episode from the hit movie The Commitments.

One parent in attendance with her ten year old son said the sexually explicit lines were completely inappropriate for young ears.

“My child even said to me, “do they not know there’s children here?”’ said the furious mother.

She was at pains to point out that the rest of the show was perfectly fine, and that the football club generally had a great reputation for helping the community and supporting young people.

“It’s a shame the night was ruined by that one scene. I sat there in disbelief thinking to myself that I was going to have to get up and leave, so bad were the lines being said.

“Instead I left during the break. What annoys me is the fact that it was sold as a family show. There were three full rows of children at the front, and more dotted throughout the audience, but yet the Commitments film is rated suitable only for over fifteens.”

She added that the show’s organisers should have realised their mistake after the first night’s performance on Friday evening.

“They can’t say they didn’t know because they had ample opportunity to make the cut. I know that other parents were offended by the material.”

A guide to the film version of The Commitments, advises parents that the movie has ‘lots of coarse language, including many, many, many uses of the f-word. Although it is impossible to tell the actual amount of obscenities from all the mass argument scenes where everybody swears at once.”