Parking in Coalisland must be fair for all

Coalisland town centre
Coalisland town centre

Sinn Fein councillors Nuala Donnelly, Joe O’Neill and Linda Dillon have vowed to stand up for the residents and businesses in Coalisland to ensure any restrictions imposed on the town by Roads Service were fair for all.

The councillors attended a meeting on Friday with Roads Service and business people from the town to discuss roads service proposals on restrictions.

Cllr Nuala Donnelly stated: “It is not acceptable that elected representatives who had no mandate to speak for the people of Coalisland should have any say in what happens in the town as they have no knowledge of the town and no interest in improving life for the people who live and work in the town.

Cllr Linda Dillon added: “There were many valid points made at the meeting and a great deal of discussion was had however I along with my Sinn Fein colleagues felt very strongly that any restrictions would be premature and needed to be part of a greater plan for a public realm scheme, improved parking facilities and modernisation of the town and this should all be done in conjunction with the businesses and residents of the town.

“My colleagues on Dungannon Council are actively looking at options for providing additional parking in the town and I have given a commitment that I will drive forward a modernisation plan for the town on the new Mid Ulster council and I also committed to working closely with roads service in relation to this.

“We will strive as a team to get the resources required to make improvements in Coalisland and to work with the businesses, residents and wider community to put in place a plan for the town that will benefit all,” she concluded.

MLA Lord Morrow, revealed that no parking penalities were issued in Coalisland, while Fivemiletown had more than 200 from 2010 to 2012.

“Coalisland is the next largest populated town in the Borough - second only to Dungannon itself - yet amazingly not a single ticket was issued .in past three years,” said the Fermanagh and South Tyrone MLA.