Parking mad! Misbehaving Tyrone drivers named and shamed

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Tyrone drivers who use disabled parking bays without a blue badge have been ‘shamed’ on social media.

As well as outing selfish motorists who deprive disabled people of vital access, the Facebook page Idiot Drivers Northern Ireland shows pictures of badly parked cars and videos of careless and dangerous driving.

The pages encourage incensed locals to snap pictures of badly-parked vehicles and their number plates.

One shocking picture shows a black Vauxhall without a blue badge parked across two disabled spaces at Tesco’s Dungannon.

The town’s Market Square also features heavily on the page with an array of photographs showing badly parked cars and able-bodied motorists using disabled spaces.

Other misbehaving drivers are shown parked up on pavements and on double yellow lines.

Commentators on the posts have encouraged aggrieved onlookers to leave notes for the drivers of the wrongly parked cars and voice their concerns.

A Range Rover parked across two bays prompted the following remark: “Teach the prat a lesson on how to drive and park, big car, little brain.”

Another annoyed driver posted: “I am beginning to believe that the people who park in this space do genuinely believe it’s left empty by disabled people just in case a lazy person needs it.”

Dungannon town Councillor Walter Cuddy, who owns a business in the Square, said that the shamed motorists were committing a crime.

“There’s a disabled parking space outside my shop and people without disabled badges use it for their convenience”, he said. “The problem is that we don’t have enough parking in the town centre, but this will hopefully be rectified by new council plans.”

The UUP representative went on to reveal that the Mid Ulster Council intends to double the current Castlehill car park.

“This will hopefully take the pressure of the spaces in the town centre, and ensure disabled people can use the bays that are assigned them.”