Kevin 'set free' after long fight with aggressive brain tumour

Kevin Carey has sadly lost his fight with cancer
Kevin Carey has sadly lost his fight with cancer

A Portglenone man who has been fighting a brain tumour for the past two years has this morning, tragically lost his hard fought battle.

Kevin Carey, just 35, was first diagnosed in July 2015 and since then has undergone various treatments including radio-chemotherapy, full-strength chemotherapy, painful ‘local anaesthetic’ brain surgery and even a pioneering immunotherapy for which over £200k was raised, but just this week stopped working.

A post from his wife Natasha on Facebook this morning

A post from his wife Natasha on Facebook this morning

Posted on Kevin's Fight Against Brain Tumour Facebook page, were the words: "Kevin fought the most courage fight to the end, and won, he kept his gorgeous sweet personality and will be forever young.

His wife Natasha went on to say: "There are no words. My everything."

Just a few days ago (April 29) the family broke the news that nothing more could be done for Kevin, and simply asked that people pray for him.

They said: "In March, very suddenly, literally over the space of a few days, Kevin became very seriously unwell. We got an urgent scan, and received absolutely devastating news. Kevin's treatment has suddenly stopped working...the tumour is back again...and there is nothing that can stop it this time.

"Kevin's medical team are devastated, and as shocked as we are. Kevin was doing so incredibly well."

Throughout his battle, hundreds of people got behind Kevin - a former GAA player and civil engineer who worked at a Mid Ulster firm.

In their bid to raise money for what they had hoped would be life-saving treatment, so much was gathered that some was donated to another man - Robbie Ryan - who was fighting the same battle, and the rest went to fund brain tumour research.