Picture taken four decades ago prompts club appeal

Do you recognise this photo of snow covered streets thought to have been taken in 1971?
Do you recognise this photo of snow covered streets thought to have been taken in 1971?

A province wide camera club is hoping someone can help them find out where this black and white picture was taken and who the little girls playing in the snow are.

Northern Ireland Photographic Association, which has members from around the province, is looking for more information on the picture, believed to have been taken in 1971.

As it nears its half-century anniversary celebrations, NIPA has been collating an archive of almost 50 years of images by members that competed in the Inter-Club competition series.

However, the details of this particular image went missing and NIPA would be interested in knowing who its author might be.

At the recent NIPA council meeting, president, Vittorio Silvestri commented on the archive with a specific set of images related to Northern Ireland going to be stored within the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland.

NIPA hopes that the last image to go into that archive could be the one with a missing author.

If anyone knows where the image might have been taken, or even who the two little girls standing in the snow might be then NIPA would like to hear from them, ideally by way of a message via their website www.niphoto.co.uk.

NIPA also welcomes new photographers who may have received photographic equipment but are unsure about how to get the best out of it.

Further information on all the NIPA member clubs, results to date and the images from all the competitions this year and previous years are all available on the NIPA Website www.niphoto.co.uk.

Between September and March, NIPA organises five interclub competitions. Four mono prints, four colour prints, and four Projected Digital Image entries are invited from all member societies. Two rounds have a theme or topic and three are open. The next round is held this month and the subject is Textures.