Pipe bomb explodes at car dealership in Armagh


A pipe bomb has exploded at a car dealership in Northern Ireland, police said.

The device detonated ten minutes after it was left by a person carrying a backpack shortly after midnight on Sunday.

Four cars in the yard in Cathedral Road, Armagh, were damaged.

Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) detective inspector Will Tate said: “Today we are lucky that we are not dealing with a serious injury caused by this device and the reckless actions of the person or people behind it.”

A number of homes were evacuated and families and businesses suffered extreme disruption, SDLP Stormont Assembly candidate Justin McNulty said.

“I’ve spoken to a number of people who have been evacuated as a result of this alert including the Sisters of Charity whose faith and commitment to this community is second to none.”

Det Insp Tate said officers received a report of damage just after 7.20am.

“On further investigation it was thought that the damage was caused by an explosion.

“Further reports and investigations since then lead us to believe that the explosion occurred at approximately 12.40am and that the device was left by a person carrying a backpack at approximately 12.30am.”