Plans for new Primate Dixon Nursery revealed

Plans for Primate Dixon's new nursery
Plans for Primate Dixon's new nursery

Final plans of changes to Primate Dixon Nursery that improve the space for youngsters have been revealed by the school.

Headmaster Sean Dillon said the architect who drew up the changes will now put the work out to tender, and when the Department for Education give the final go-ahead, work will start.

The plans will provide better play space for the childre

The plans will provide better play space for the childre

He said the work will provide better outside space for children using the nursery to play, as well as better classroom facilities.

"This process should be complete by end of November and will then await a final go-ahead from the Minister of Education," he said.

The plans show the outside view of the existing Primary 1 area with a new canopy area in place for covered play, the plans also show the new Nursery entrance.

A message on the school's Facebook page said: "Outside play will have a brilliant area with a wraparound playground along the front and round the corner of the school. The floor plan also shows the new lobby area, staff areas and two fully converted playrooms each with their own story/quiet areas for the 52 Nursery pupils.

"We are very much looking forward to this work going ahead as soon as possible and making sure the children of Nursery, and every child in Primate Dixon, have what they deserve, the very best of everything. It will be just brilliant to have the youngest of the school's children playing along the bright front of Primate Dixon."

Application forms for September 2017 Nursery 52 places will be available shortly. We will let everyone know as soon as these are available.

"We hope that it would get the go-ahead," said Mr Dillon.