Plans to reverse public realm works in Dungannon and change traffic flow

The new look Market Square in Dungannon.INTT0415-357
The new look Market Square in Dungannon.INTT0415-357

Major plans to overhaul Dungannon town centre, which could involve moving the war memorial back to its original location and returning the traffic flow to a circuit of the square, are expected to be unveiled by the summer.

Mid Ulster Council is pushing forward with the radical proposals to change the town centre lay-out after bowing to public anger over the town’s £2m Public Realm Scheme revamp.

Among the proposals, which will only be agreed after new traffic and pedestrian studies and full consultation with traders, shoppers and pedestrians, are plans have two lanes of traffic going up both sides of the square.

A source close to the Royal British Legion also said that the organisation would prefer to have the memorial moved back to its original location as its current site hampers the Remembrance Day ceremonies.

Independent Republican Councillor Barry Monteith, who branded the current lay-out ‘a death trap’ and the ‘least friendly pedestrian centre in the North’, called for the town to be returned to its original traffic flow.

Since the changes were completed in March 2015, aggrieved residents and traders have complained to the council about problems regarding car parking, traffic snarl ups and pedestrian access.

“We could be looking at what has been the biggest waste of public money here”, said Councillor Monteith.

“I am reflecting the feelings of people visiting the town and working in it.”

The Royal British Legion source said: “Currently, we are forced to hold the Remembrance ceremony side-on with the memorial, rather than facing it as we were able to do when the statue was in its original location. It would suit us to have it back four metres to where it always stood.”