Police alerted to anti-social behaviour at new Dungannon apartments

Damage caused to the properties in Irish Street, Dungannon
Damage caused to the properties in Irish Street, Dungannon

Police have been contacted about complaints of anti-social behaviour at a new social housing scheme in Dungannon.

It is understood there have been a number of incidents reported at the properties in Irish Street over recent weeks.

According to one business owner in the area, damage has been caused to the front door of the apartment complex, as well as exterior walls.

The source also claimed there had been a report of a domestic incident at one of the apartments.

There are 10 properties in total within the complex, which was completed in August of this year.

The cost of the apartment scheme was £780,000, according to Clanmil Housing Association, which has responsibility for the management of the facility.

One local business person, who did not wish to be named, told the TIMES:

“There are apartments to the front and back of Irish Street in this new housing scheme.

“It has only been opened about a month or six weeks and we are hearing about problems all the time.

“The front door has been damaged, there is part of the pointed wall out.

“It is just concerning because there are so many businesses operating here in this street and we don’t want to see this sort of thing happening.”

A spokesperson for Clanmil Housing Association stressed that it was committed to tackling all incidents reported to them effectively.

In a statement to the TIMES, the Clanmil spokesman continued:

“Clanmil received a report of an incident which occurred on 10th October 2015 involving one of our tenants.

“This has been reported to the PSNI and Clanmil staff are continuing their investigations.

“Clanmil Housing takes all reports of Anti Social Behaviour seriously and are committed to tackling all incidents effectively.”