Police blow tyres of breakaway transit van that escaped over Aughnacloy border

An example of a police stinger
An example of a police stinger

Dungannon police have appealed to the public after a suspicious vehicle broke through a checkpoint in the early hours of Friday morning.

The drama unfolded after gardai tried to stop the white Ford Transit van just over the Tyrone border near Aughnacloy.

The vehicle, whose registration number is AXZ9101, escaped over the border into the Dungannon District, in spite of having its tyres burst by a police ‘stinger’.

The device is a mobile frow of spikes that is stretched across a road ahead of a vehicle being pursued.

Vehicles which drive over a “stinger” are usually soon stopped by several tyre blow outs.

Local police have appealed for anyone with information about the vehicle to contact them on 101.