Police serve Dungannon youths the dangers of binge drinking

Police warning youngsters about the dangers of binge-drinking
Police warning youngsters about the dangers of binge-drinking

Around 500 Dungannon youngsters were served up a hard-hitting message at a police workshops designed to highlight the dangers, and possible consequences, of binge drinking.

PSNI Schools Officer Sue Wright held two workshops to highlight the consequences of over indulging in alcohol at South West College.

‘Think How You Drink’ was funded by Dungannon and South Tyrone PCSP and involved a short video, as well as a hard-hitting drama by Belfast Company Spanner in the Works, about a schoolgirl who drinks too much and gets involved in an assault.

The video is available to see on Youtube.

Topics including urinating in public, the price of alcohol, risk-taking behaviours, vulnerability when your friends leave you, assaulting police and how a one punch assault can kill were all covered.

The workshop concluded with Constable Sue Wright highlighting the legal aspects of each behaviour and possible lifelong consequences a person could face.

PC Wright said: “Not only the morning after physical hangover is mentioned but the possible digital hangover, recent research by Diageo highlights that 46% of 18-24 year olds have asked friends to remove images and videos from social media due to embarrassment from too much alcohol.

“Over 500 students attended the event. The aim is not to spoil young people’s enjoyment this festive period but to raise awareness that through alcohol a good night can very easily turn into a not so good one.

“The physical dangers associated with alcohol mis-use, short and long term legal consequences and also the very real digital hangover that can occur in the world of social media we find ourselves living in.

“Although drunken video clip at start had everyone laughing, having watched drama and listened to possible consequences students became aware this was not the footage of themselves that they would wish to be viewed by the public.”