Police ‘swoop on wrong house’ in Carrickmore


POLICE have been accused of swooping on the wrong house in an early morning raid, causing distress to a family with young children.

The Mid-Ulster home was wrongly targeted by bungling police officers checking bail conditions of a named individual, according to Sinn Fein Councillor Sean Clarke.

But a spokesperson for the PSNI told the TIMES the incident was a matter for the courts service.

The Cookstown representative claimed the address blunder was the latest in a list of similar incidents which has also affected housesholds in the Carrickmore area.

“In the early hours of Friday morning two uniformed members of the PSNI visited a local family”, said Councillor Clarke.

“As it was 1:10am, the family were in bed asleep. A car arrived on the street and was followed by heavy knocking on the door, awaking the entire household.

The children of the house, not knowing what was happening were extremely frightened by the incident.”

When the door was eventually answered by the parents, the PSNI stated they were there to check bail conditions for a named individual, who had no connection with the family.

“This caused great distress for the local family, at having been visited by the PSNI in such a manner, at such a late hour of the night”, Councillor Clarke went on to say.

“The regularity of such incidents is disturbing and points to something more than incompetence on part of the PSNI.”

Sinn Fein are raising the issue at the next DPP meeting, and have raised it with representatives on the Policing Board as well as requesting an immediate meeting with the PSNI to demand answers.

A spokesperson for the PSNI said: “Bail conditions are imposed by the Court Service as in this case, are a matter for the respective court therefore it would not be appropriate to comment further.

“If anyone has a genuine complaint against police, they should contact the office of the Police Ombudsman.”