Police warning over counterfeit note in Omagh

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Police in Omagh are asking for vigilance following reports from traders in the area about counterfeit bank notes.

A spokesman said: “We were advised by a couple of businesses that they recently received some counterfeit currency by way of payment for goods. Can I ask you all to advise those family and friends who work in shops, restaurants and bars etc to be extra cautious and if in doubt, politely challenge the person passing the note and seek help from colleagues, UV scanners or counterfeit detection pens.

“A genuine person will not mind you trying to prevent crime - a wee scallywag will run for the hills! If the wee scallywag does do a runner, don’t forget to get a good description of them, age, build, complexion, dress etc and what way they went and by what means.

“Please share with your family and friends and help us to help everyone to protect people, prevent harm and detect crime.”