Call for an end to ‘revving engines’ in the night at Coalisland

Sinn Fein call for graffiti in Coalisland to be removed
Sinn Fein call for graffiti in Coalisland to be removed

Sinn Féin councillors Joe O’Neill and Niamh Doris have asked for PSNI to do more in relation to ‘little boy racer’s’ causing a nuisance in Coalisland town.

Councillor O’Neill has said that he has been “inundated” with residents from Coalisland claiming that they are constantly being wakened out of their sleep by the noise of cars racing around the town, screeching their tyres and revving their engines on a regular basis.

Councillor O’Neill appealed for an end to the anti-social behaviour.

“I am appealing to these lads to stop torturing the people of Coalisland, we do not want this sort of immature behaviour in our town,” he said.

Party colleague Councillor Niamh Doris added: “It seems to be worse when there is a drop of rain on the road and that these culprits are using the town as a race track.

Cllr Doris said it is “so dangerous and it is completely unacceptable behaviour.”

“I call for those responsible to consider the danger that they are putting themselves and others in and the annoyance that they are causing to their own neighbours and family,” she said.

Back in March, Councillor O’Neill condemned the behaviour of ‘little boy racers’ in the Clonoe area after receiving complaints from residents.

The councillor was told of how this reckless behaviour is waking young children and elderly out of their sleep in the middle of the night and is occurring on a regular basis.