Fermanagh South Tyrone: Your Assembly candidate options

Ballot box
Ballot box

With Fermanagh South Tyrone residents due at polls across the constituency this Thursday, the Times has put together a run down of the Assembly candidates you have to choose from.

Five seats are now up for grabs within the constituency following a reduction on last year's six.

But there are questions around whether Arlene Foster will top the poll again, and if not, how badly the RHI scandal has impacted on the DUP.

Fermanagh South Tyrone constituency has had an equal split between elected unionist and nationalist candidates since the first Assembly Election in 1998.

Last year, the DUP got both of its candidates across the line first with the party leader closely followed by Maurice Morrow.

Elected in third place was Sinn Fein's Michelle Gildernew, which, after a internal debacle, fielded four candidates for three seats - leading the party to concede one seat to the SDLP when Richie McPhillips was elected.

This year, they have not made the same mistake, which may - or may not - put Richie's seat in peril.

But likewise, with the loss of one seat, the UUP's Rosemary Barton could also be in danger if the DUP manages to hold on to its support in the constituency.

Eligible Electorate: 74,257 Votes Polled: 47,934 Turnout: 64.55% Order Candidate Name Description

Last year, 47,934 (64.55%) out of a possible 74,257 Fermanagh South Tyrone voters went to the polls. A much lower turn-out than when the elections started in 1998 (84.4%).

Sinn Fein won 40% of the 2016 vote, with the DUP in second place on 32.7%. The UUP had the support of 12.8% local voters, while the SDLP took home 8.5%.

Alliance will be looking to improve on 1.1% and the Green's on its 1.9%. The TUV last year lost support in the area, down 0.1% on 2011 to bring home 2.5% of the final turn-out.

This year 12 candidates are vying for five seats, with some new faces in the line-up.

They are:

Rosemary Barton, UUP

Noreen Campbell, Alliance

Jemma Dolan, Sinn Fein

Richard Dunn, Conservatives

Alex Elliott, TUV

Arlene Foster, DUP

Michelle Gildernew, Sinn Fein

Tanya Jones, Green Party

Sean Lynch, Sinn Fein

Richie McPhillips, SDLP

Maurice Morrow, DUP

Donal O'Cofaigh, Cross Community Labour Alternative

If you so choose, you can number them in your preferred order from one to 12, or just put a number beside the ones that share your views.