Mid Ulster MLA joins campaign against day release for convicted terrorists

Ian McCrea, Mid Ulster DUP MLA
Ian McCrea, Mid Ulster DUP MLA

Mid Ulster DUP MLA Ian McCrea has added his voice to the campaign against day release for those convicted of pre-1998 terrorist offences.

Those found guilty of such crimes serve a maximum two year prison sentence under the Belfast Agreement, but it has been reported some have been allowed day release during that time.

Mr McCrea said: “The case of Seamus Kearney is one of the few where a terrorist conviction has been secured recently for a murder which took place in 1981.

“Unfortunately those who supported the Belfast Agreement mean that Mr Kearney can only serve two years of the 20 year sentence he was given.

“I was happy to sign the petition from Mid Ulster Victims’ Empowerment and encourage others to do likewise to highlight the fact those serving that terrorist sentence might be eligible for day release.

“Many victims are still deeply hurt by the fact that anyone now convicted of those past crimes will only serve such a minimal sentence, but this is exacerbated even further if that person may be eligible for day release during that term.

“It is vital that victims should always have justice available to them for the suffering forced upon them by terrorists.”