Overend condemns removal of election posters

Sandra Overend election posters removed
Sandra Overend election posters removed

An Ulster Unionist assembly runner in Mid Ulster has hit out at reports that her election posters are being removed.

Sandra Overend today expressed her "hurt and disappointment" and said she has informed the police.

“I have received reports from numerous constituents over recent days that my election posters have been deliberately removed in a number of areas," she said.

"I am disappointed that there are those who feel that it is acceptable to remove my election posters from lamp posts across Mid Ulster and I condemn such actions.

“This is an attack not only on myself and the Ulster Unionist Party, but on the democratic process. I have contacted the PSNI to report this hate crime and appeal for anyone who might have information about these actions to be report it to the police.

“At the end of the day posters do not win or lose an election, they are simply a reminder that an election is forthcoming and of who the candidates are. I would prefer that in future an agreement can be reached between parties that posters are not used, but fair is fair, posters that are erected should be allowed to remain in place.

“You have to ask the question, who really feels intimidated by my party and I to such an extent that they would go out of their way to remove my election posters? When those who oppose me are reduced in desperation to tearing down my posters, it is clear that they have no coherent, constructive or effective arguments left to make. I always have, and always will stand up for the people of Mid-Ulster, and will not be deterred by these actions."