Voters can expect to see plenty of election posters across Mid Ulster

Ballot box
Ballot box

Despite a deal being done in other constituencies where the big parties agreed not to use election posters, candidates in Mid Ulster said they will be.

The Mail contacted the SDLP, UUP, SF and DUP candidates in the area to ask if their images would be gracing lamp posts across the district until the vote on March 2.

And they all said yes.

Sinn Fein said it had not heard of any approaches to suggest leaving the posters down before the first appeared, so it would be advertising Michelle O'Neill, Ian Milne and Linda Dillon.

The DUP's Keith Buchanan said DUP posters will be going up, adding that there was "no mention of any deal and other parties have already them up - giving no opportunity for no posters in Mid Ulster".

Patsy McGlone, who has been chosen by the SDLP to defend his current seat said he started putting his up last week, while the UUP's Sandra Overend's poster can also be seen throughout the district.