Poor road and sewage misery for Dungannon residents

Icebound estate
Icebound estate

Hundreds of Dungannon residents are enduring the misery of living with defective sewage systems and crumbling roads that the Roads Service has no responsibility to repair or grit during icy periods.

A total of 17 estates in the local area have roads that have yet to be adopted by Roads Service, according to the latest figures from the Department of Infrastructure.

Problems such as defective sewerage infrastructure and inadequate visibility lines are preventing the process by which the Roads Service takes over responsibility for some of the roads.

At a further three housing estates, a new developer has taken over the site and is progressing the roads towards the completion stage.

The details were released after a question by UUP MLA Rosemary Barton at the Northern Ireland Assembly.

“At present, there are seventeen non-adopted developments, each at different stages of the cycle to full adoption by the Department of Infrastructure”, she said. “While I was initially concerned about the excessive number of non-adopted developments in Dungannon that were bonded, it was pleasing to learn from the answer that at least half of the developments have a developer on site at present and are progressing towards adoption.

“It is however very concerning that several of the developments have defects in relation to the sewage infrastructure which is preventing full adoption, and may slow down occupancy of the homes.”

In fact, the local district has one of the highest number of unadopted roads in Northern Ireland, further government figures have revealed, with many left unfinished by developers.