Post offices in Dungannon swamped by Irish passport demand

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Post offices in Dungannon have been coping with an unprecedented demand for Irish passport applications in the wake of the Brexit vote.

The scramble has led to long queues and a major headache for travellers who have left it late to renew their Irish passports.

“As soon as the result of the vote was announced on Friday morning, the place has went mad for the application forms”, said a spokesperson for the Oaks Road post office.

“People of all ages and backgrounds are applying for the passports, with many of them first time applicants.

“We first noticed a rush a few months ago, but since the weekend the rush has turned into a deluge.

“Lots of people who were due to replace their Irish passports have now had to apply for a British passport out of fear that their new passport won’t arrive in time for their holiday.”

Earlier this month the Republic of Ireland’s government revealed it had to hire 200 temporary workers to cope with a surge in demand for Irish passports.

Irish passport holders will remain EU citizens making it easier for them to travel throughout the continent.

In the referendum, Northern Ireland voters opted to Remain, along with the people of Scotland.

Professor Pete Shirlow from Queen’s University Belfast said having an Irish passport will ensure you are still part of the EU, and be able to travel and live without restrictions across the European Union.