Posters against Ballynakelly waste plant ‘to refresh campaign’

Concerned Ballynakelly resident Trevor Stratton pointing to anti-plant sign
Concerned Ballynakelly resident Trevor Stratton pointing to anti-plant sign

Ballynakelly residents are so opposed to having a waste management plant ‘on their doorsteps’ they have forked out for banners restating their position - which are now posted around the village.

Planning permission for the plant was first sought on July 3 this year, and with consultations on the project now closed, it will soon fall to officials to decide whether the build should go ahead - or not.

Locals, firmly against the “500kw centralised anaerobic digestion plant, combined heat and power plant” say it will have “a negative impact on residential amenity to noise, smells and traffic impact”, and have also sent 253 letters of objection to planners.

Speaking for them, Kenny Montgomery told the Times: “We haven’t heard any more news and that was what’s worrying me - so we put up the posters to keep it in people’s minds.

“There was a bit of expense... but we managed that.

“We have support from all sides of the community - everybody is opposed to it - but there’s nothing more we can do at the minute,” he added.

And just as the Resident’s Association are supported by the community, right behind them stands Lord Morrow.

He told the Times: “I continue to support the Residents of the Ballynakelly area in their opposition to the proposed anaerobic digester plant at Ballynakelly.

“Residents have stepped up the campaign by the recent erection of posters, making it absolutely clear that this development is neither wanted, nor will be accepted by the people of Ballynakelly.”

In a response to the Times the DOE said: “Before coming to any decision the department will give full consideration to the objections received, and is in liaison with the Environmental Health Department of Dungannon & South Tyrone Borough, and other statutory consultees on the issues raised.”