'Postive week for nightlife' in Cookstown say PSNI

Cookstown police on nightlife duties
Cookstown police on nightlife duties

It's been a positive week for nightlife operations in Cookstown, according to the local police.

It follows recent disturbances in the town centre area from young revellers leaving nightclubs.

In one incident last month, police imposed more than 20 sanctions following trouble in the Loy Street and Fairhill areas.

They described the behaviour of some as "despicable" and vowed zero tolerance towards anti-social behaviour.

In a posting on their Facebook page, the PSNI said it has been a positive week of nightlife so far, no arrests for disorderly behaviour or any similar offences.

"Let's keep it that way, we're happy to facilitate those who want to come to town and have a good time," they said.

"But as others will testify, if you get on like an idiot and break the law you'll be met with a robust zero tolerance response from us and a court visit to follow."

Mid Ulster Council has decided to make available its car park at Loy Street in an effort to curb trouble.

Coaches conveying young people to night clubs are allowed to use the park in an effort to alleviate disturbances in the town centre.