Potential of industrial land is explored

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Tom Elliott MP along with the Chairperson of Mid Ulster Council, Councillor Trevor Wilson and Dungannon DEA Councillor Walter Cuddy met with the InvestNI Chief Executive Alastair Hamilton and Property Manager Sharon Keenan to discuss the number of industrial land zones in the Dungannon area.

“The purpose of this meeting was to highlight the severe lack of industrial land zones in and around the Dungannon area,” said Mr Elliott.

“We focussed particularly on the Granville Industrial Estate, which is a prime example of an area were growth has been stunted as a result of limited amounts of land being available to invest in.

“I am aware that Mid Ulster Council are looking at possible sites in and around Dungannon which could potentially be put to industrial use, however I would emphasise that this can be quite a time consuming process and no decisions made are rushed in any way.

“Progress is being made with regards to increasing the number of industrial land zones in Dungannon and the surrounding area. I believe in order to benefit the future economic growth of Dungannon, we need to invest now into potential industrial sites, which have the potential to lead to mass job creation.”