PSNI leaflet drop targets bad parking in Coalisland

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Dungannon neighbourhood police have carried out a leaflet drop in Coalisland warning motorists not to obstruct other road users.

It follows concerns raised by residents about some motorists parking in a such a way as to block views at junctions etc.

The police spoke to several drivers in the town centre as they were parked too close to junctions, limiting other drivers visibility.

A PSNI spokesperson said: “Please be considerate of your neighbours and pedestrians, especially those who are visually impaired or pushing a pram or buggy.

“We are trying to educate our motorists to show a bit of respect for all road users.”

The Department for Infrastructure withdrew traffic attendats from the East Tyrone town after a low number of tickets were issued during a trial period last year.

There were also claims that traffic attendants were abused and threatened by members of thepublic while the trial was taking place.